Treatment Wash by Medica Equine

Treatment Wash by Medica Equine

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Competition Safe Ingredients

A gentle and effective wash to aid in treatment
of rain rot, ring worm, leg scurf and other skin
diseases. Gentle natural cleansers exfoliate dead skin
and remove debris, allowing a blend of sulfur
and essential oils to kill bacteria and fungus.
Most anti-fungal shampoos are harsh and can dry or even burn the skin. Medica Treatment Wash delivers effective treatment in a gentle, pleasant cleansing formula.

Shake before use.
Wet affected areas with water. Apply treatment
wash to affected areas, massaging in with the fingers
or a grooming tool. Let sit on the skin for 10 minutes
Rinse completely off and thoroughly towel the area
dry. Repeat once daily until lesions are resolved.
Can be used weekly or bi-weekly for
maintenance and prevention.

Water, Intergrefactant SFB, Sulfur,
Veegum Ultra, Polaxamer 407, Euxyl PE9010,
Lavandin Oil, Xanthan Gum, Aloe Powder 200x