Gallagher's Water - 2 Pack

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Contains two sachets of Gallagher's Water. The perfect option for sampling.

All-Natural Equine Hydration Beverage. A natural flavor enhancement powder mix designed to encourage horses to drink water.

How to Use:

1. Fill a two-gallon bucket with water

2. Pour contents of one packet into the water

3. Stir until it is mixed and serve immediately

  • Best if used daily to prevent dehydration.
  • Offer as needed for re-hydration after workouts, to encourage horses to drink during travel, to aid dispensing medications or offer as a treat.
  • Not intended to serve as free-choice or as a replacement for your horse's drinking water. 
  • Always have fresh water available for your horse.
  • Consult your veterinarian when introducing your horse to a new product.
  • Contents not intended for human consumption. 

For those with sugar-intolerant horses, the sugar content of one serving is equal to 2% of your horse's daily sugar intake. This product was formulated around Gallagher, who is also a sugar-intolerant horse.

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Alfalfa, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Maltodextrin, Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate, Zinc Gluconate, Copper Gluconate, Manganese Citrate

Gallagher's Water is made in the U.S. from premium human-grade ingredients. Each ingredient is micro-tested before being accepted into our inventory and then spot-tested at random in our warehouse. It is packaged in a commercially sterile environment that is frequently audited by the USDA. Great care goes into producing the best for your horses and livestock.