ExionPro Multi-Purpose Double Lunge Line
ExionPro Multi-Purpose Double Lunge Line

ExionPro Multi-Purpose Double Lunge Line

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ExionPro Multi-Purpose Double Lunge Line


  • USAGE: Double Lunge Reins/Single Lunge Rein/Long Reins
  • LENGTH: 8 Metres Long (each) 
  • MATERIAL: Cotton Webbing & Nylon Rope
  • HARDWARE: Stainless Steel Hardware
  • LEATHER: Vegetable Tanned Leather/Pre-Oiled Vegetable Tanned Leather/Italian English Leather 
  • COLOUR: Black/Brown


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These groundbreaking double-lunging reins are versatile enough to function as double lunge lines, long reins or a single lunge line. This is a remarkable training aid crafted in soft cotton webbing and nylon rope with snaps on each end. 

Designed to establish contact with the outer side of the horse, offering enhanced control. It is also feasible to guide the outer line behind the horse, providing control over the hindquarters when used as double lunge reins.

Using two adaptable lunge lines opens up more versatile possibilities for groundwork with horses compared to a single lunge lead. As long reins for horses, they are a valuable tool for distance guidance during long reining. With its 8-meter length and no elastic inserts, these long reins enable you to refine your horse's responsiveness to subtle cues from a distance.

Transforming seamlessly into a simple lunge lead, it offers versatility, control and manoeuvrability. 

These various uses prove valuable not only in training or correcting riding horses but also in the case of driving horses. It allows horses to be effectively worked and trained in every way possible without the additional weight of a rider making them an excellent choice as an all purpose training aid.