The Marrakesh - Patent Leather Holiday Snaffle Bridle

The Marrakesh - Patent Leather Holiday Snaffle Bridle

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This Limited Edition design features a black and silver floral print patent noseband, and anatomical crownpiece, plush nappa leather padding on the noseband, browband, crownpiece. 

Bridle Features:

Black and silver metallic floral patent narrow conical tapered noseband, measuring 1.75'' at the widest part

Anatomical crownpiece with plush nappa leather badding

Silver Hook and Stud Closures

Crank noseband

Bridle comes in Flat leather

Swarovski Crystal browband pictured and luxury rubber grip lined reins included.

Halter Ego® bridles are manufactured from high quality, vegetable tanned leather that is eco-friendly rather than chemically tanned. The resulting leather has a beautiful finish and soft feel.